About Us

Our Purpose

EarthOptics is building a global soil cloud for more sustainable agricultural management. We create intelligent technology that provides revolutionary insights into soil health and management.

Our Mission

EarthOptics is a young, independent company with new ideas; we don’t sell seed, fertilizer or crop protection products. We see soil. Differently. Our company is an organization of people with diverse backgrounds who believe in agriculture, creativity and great science.

Below-ground precision and innovation in the soil space is long overdue. We believe strongly that point of care soil health–physical, chemical and biological–can be delivered in real time. Key is our belief that high yields are synonymous with soil health and growers can manage for both.

We deal with advanced technologies that we pledge to use carefully and ethically. Important is the fact that success with EarthOptics products depends upon data sharing among growers, crop advisors and EarthOptics. We understand that farmgate data is valuable and we believe that it belongs to the grower. Accordingly, our data commitment is:

  • To be transparent in our use of farmgate data
  • To make it secure
  • To remove personal identifiers when aggregated data is analyzed
Our Commitment To Farmers

Our Commitment to Farmers

EarthOptics understands how farming works… we won’t waste your time. We develop products that make crop production enterprises more efficient and productive, products that allow you and your crop advisors to accomplish more in hectic Fall and Spring seasons. Our focus is soil management and health, and enabling you to make soil-related decisions better and faster. For the benefit of future generations, we are fully committed to helping you increase the value of your farmland and its natural resources.

Our Awards

EarthOptics is the winner of the AGCO Innovation Challenge, where they were chosen from three finalists, after more than 100 international entries were received from agtech start-ups around the world.

The AGCO Challenge: New Sensing, Measurement And Edge Computing Technologies To Monetize Soil Insight And Carbon Sequestration

EarthOptics AGCO Innovation Challenge Winner

Our Team

None of this would be possible without our team of experts. Each brings a unique skillset that offers an unparalleled vision and passion.

Our Careers

Ready to join our precision agricultural revolution? Get in on the ground floor as we change the world of soil management.

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