EarthOptics GroundOwl™ soil compaction mapping tool
EarthOptics GroundOwl

EarthOptics GroundOwl™

In the simplest terms, the EarthOptics GroundOwl™ is a soil density measurement tool. Soil compaction reduces yield by 10% to 20%. Knowing if and where soils are compacted enables growers to optimize tillage operations, increasing yields while saving time and money in frenetic Fall and Spring seasons.

This is next-generation soil compaction measurement. GroundOwl™ is a unique combination of a soil compaction sensor with a machine learning (ML) tool mounted on an all-terrain vehicle that surveys farmland. Ground penetrating radar provides info to the sensor stack, and ML converts that data to a three-dimensional view of soil compaction. Our TillMapper™ takes that data and creates a 3D tillage prescription in the form of a shapefile. When combined with a variable depth tiller and sensing & agronomic control technology, you get a true, real-time variable depth tilling and compaction solution.

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