EarthOptics GroundOwl™ and TillMapper™ soil density measurement tools

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GroundOwl™ and TillMapper™

Features and Benefits


Soil compaction sensor, machine learning, ground penetrating radar mounted on an all-terrain vehicle allows for mapping of 1000 acres a day.


Save as much as $30 per acre, increase yields
up to 20% over three years.



Real-time, variable depth tilling and compaction solution.



Long-term value of overcoming soil compaction, soil fertility, improved water usage and increases in soil organic matter can provide up to 18% yield increases and farmland value increases of $25 per acre/year.

Novel Methods & Systems for a
New Soil Health Paradigm

Novel Methods & Systems for a New Soil Health Paradigm

At EarthOptics, convergence of scientific disciplines is alive and well. We see soil. Differently.

Fundamentals of soil management, fertility and testing have changed little in decades. As farms have grown larger, crop producers, constrained by time and confronted with fickle weather, need a new approach to soil health. Analogous to current trends in human medicine, EarthOptics patent-pending products uniquely and non-invasively provide for soil health at the “point of care” … in real time.

Focused intensely upon things that make a difference to both growers and consumers like tillage, residue management, organic matter and tilth, EarthOptics’ engineers, data scientists and agronomists are working side by side to converge technologies from disparate scientific disciplines into new methods and systems that, collectively, constitute a new paradigm in soil health.

Our product suite includes GroundOwl™ and TillMapper ™, offering a unique set of features and benefits to you as a producer.

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