TillMapper™ Demo

Providing precision soil insights to maximize your yield

TillMapper™ Demo

Next-generation tillage has arrived.

The EarthOptics TillMapper™ is a precision soil mapping system that provides growers with a customized tillage prescription based on the compaction found in their fields. TillMapper identifies where each individual field is compacted, and to what depths the compaction runs. The customized tillage prescription can be adjusted according to grower preferences for compaction threshold and specific crop. The output can be exported as either a multi-depth prescription or a binary till/no-till prescription.

Heavy equipment, resting machinery and water flow across seasons can cause man-made and natural compaction in agricultural fields. Crops like corn and soybean begin to experience root growth inhibition at around 200-250 PSI. However, deep tilling to break up field compaction is a costly and time consuming endeavor. With the EarthOptics TillMapper system, growers can be confident that they have addressed yield robbing compaction, but saved time and money where it’s not needed.

Tillmapper demo

TillMapper™ Demo