The Team

Like our precision agricultural tools, the EarthOptics team was carefully curated to include experts with over 100 years of combined experience in agricultural sciences and application, machine learning, data analytics, and technology startup development.  Each member brings a unique skill set, though all share the desire to serve our farming community and positively impact food sustainability across the world.  

Lars Dyrud, PhD



Todd Martin



John Anderson, PhD

Technical Advisor


Hunt Bowers, M.S.

Director of Engineering and Field Services 


Kess Berg, PhD 

Scienitific Advisor


Stef Landa

Vice President of Operations

Chad Fish

Programs Advisor 

David Murr, PhD

Machine Learning Advisor

Nathan Dyrud

Director of Business Development


Chris Nobblitt

Director of Digital Architecture


Jacob Lasky

Director of Computer Vision 

Clay Honeycutt

Field Operations Manager

Krista McAra

Operations Specialist

Steve Mullins


Jerry Lee

IT Administration 

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